The Youth Corridor is that period of adult
life when one looks one's healthy,
youthful best.

Dr. Gerald Imber is a renowned
plastic surgeon to the stars,
author and teacher.

My goal as a plastic surgeon has always been to help you extend that happy period for as long as possible. With a little bit of effort you can look virtually unchanged throughout adult life.

Introducing Boost 2.0 - Antioxidant Skin Serum with 15% vitamin C + Vitamin E + Melatonin

With an exclusive formulation of Vitamin C and E plus melatonin, our original Boost was the most effective antioxidant available without prescription. It proved so successful that it completely sold out!

But Youth Corridor is happy to announce the NEW ANTIOXIDANT BOOST 2.0 with 50% more Vitamin C than before!

My number one skin care essential, hands down. If I was stranded in a desert island and could only have one beauty product, this would be it. Well, this and sunscreen.”

Des R., Florida

I have practiced "cleanse, tone, and moisturize" faithfully for decades and it has served me well, but recently I introduced my skin to Dr. Imber's Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum. Adding this small step to my regime at night was a game changer.”

Donna W., New York

I have been using your Boost 2.0 serum now for almost a year, and it is the best antioxidant serum I have ever used.”

Karen S., Hawaii
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